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date stickers

Forgotten the use-by date again? With datedots you can keep track!


Small sticker,
big benefit

The stickers are coated with a scratch-off varnish, and they can be easily rubbed off with a fingernail. With a diameter of less than three centimeters, they can be applied to almost any surface. They leave no adhesive marks and are easy to remove.   


The stickers can be used individually or in combination, depending on whether you want to mark the entire date or only the day, month, or year.

The handy assistants in everyday life

The handy assistants
in everyday life

Whether it's food, medicines, or cosmetics, with datedots, you always know how long your products can be used. This way, you can make sure not to use them beyond their expiration date, preventing any potential harm to your health.

How to use

The stickers are coated with a scratch-off varnish, and they can be easily rubbed off with a fingernail.

Either the day (D), the month (M) or the year (Y) can be marked.
Depending on the intended use, you can use one, two, or three stickers together.

datedots description

The ones digit is marked here

1_, 2_, 3_

mark the
tens digit

D (Day) stands for day 
M (Month) for month
Y (Year) for year

datedots scratched free

In this example, 23.1.24 is marked.


With datedots, you can always see how long you have been using your contact lenses or how long the cough syrup has been open. To prevent the continued use of ineffective or even harmful products: datedots!


You also avoid throwing away products prematurely just because you have forgotten the date they’ve been opened. That way, datedots not only contribute to a conscious use of resources, they also avoid unnecessary waste.

how long you've been using your contact lenses?


your sticker

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kitchen tools

datedots are a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their kitchen organised.  ​


Whether for refilled food or homemade jams – the stickers help you to keep an eye on how long the products have been on the shelf.  ​ 


This prevents food from being stored for too long and consequently going bad. It helps save money and protects the environment.

How long has it been

in the freezer?

The stickers are also suitable for use in the freezer. They are water-repellent, ensuring that the date does not smudge or fade, and they adhere well even at low temperatures.


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